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Frequently asked questions


So how does this work?


To begin, go to the book now tab and make a reservation using the online booking app or give us a call. Try to arrive 5-10 min early for your appointment to allow time for check-in and axe throwing instruction. At the check-in counter, one of our friendly staff members will check you in and provide a waiver for each person in your group to sign. If you would like to open a tab or grab a drink, that can also be done at this time. Once checked in, one of our axe coaches will escort your group to the lane and give you a brief review of safety and axe throwing techniques. Then it's your turn to pick up the axe and start throwing. The axe coach will stick around for a few minutes to make sure everyone in the group is getting the hang of it. After that, the remainder of your time is yours to throw and hang out in our comfortable, newly renovated facility. Throw for fun or challenge your friends to a variety of different axe throwing games. Visit the front counter to try our selection of domestic and craft beverages. If you ever have trouble getting the axe to stick and can't figure out what you're doing wrong, flag down our axe coach and they will help you work through the details of your throw until you're hitting the target consistently. Don't forget to pay for your throwing and close your tab after your reservation is done. 


What should I bring?

Just closed-toed shoes and a positive attitude are all that's needed, but you might also want to bring your phone to get some pictures of those bullseyes that you're going to hit. 

Is axe throwing safe?

Safety is our top priority. By following the proper safety training provided by our axe coaches and always being aware of your surroundings when you're throwing an axe, you greatly minimize the risk of getting hurt while axe throwing. Additionally, our facility was built with safety in mind. The welded steel fences separating each throwing lane are designed to prevent an axe from crossing into the neighboring lane. The zone where participants throw from is clearly marked on the ground with caution tape to help keep the area clear of bystanders. And if any accidents should occur, our staff is trained in first aid and medical supplies are available on site. 



Do you serve food? 

We have chips and other snacks available for purchase, but no prepared food. However, our customers are allowed to bring outside food into our venue or have food delivered. 

Can kids throw axes?


Our insurance policy allows children as young as 10 to throw real axes. With a little training, most are able to stick the axe just fine. For anyone younger than 10, we have toy axes and targets that can be hung up on the wall or in the lane. 

Who can sign the waivers?


Everyone is required to sign the waiver, but anyone under 18 is required to have their parent or guardian sign the waiver for them. CONTACT US for a copy of the waiver that can be printed out in case a parent needs to sign in advance for something like a birthday party, where a different parent will chaperone. 

What's up with the private party room?

Our party room is in a separate area from the rest of our lanes and is available to rent for a flat rate regardless of how many people are in your group. The rental covers the cost of throwing for the whole group, up to 10 people. The room features two targets and extra comfortable furniture including a large sectional couch and coffee table. The party room lanes are also the only lanes in our facility to feature projection targets. The projectors offer a variety of different target types and multiplayer games that will keep the whole group entertained. 1 or 2 hour rentals available. If there is a party room reservation right after yours, your total time (including training and safety demonstrations) will be 1 or 2 hours. This means you may have slightly less than 1 or 2 hours of actual throwing time. This is necessary to insure that the group after you gets started on time. 



How does a full facility rental work?

If you have an extra large group (up to 45 people), we offer the rental of our entire building, including all 8 targets in the front room and the two projection target lanes in the party room. You'll get the same training and hands-on coaching as always, plus our team members can set up and run a tournament for the group if you're interested. We even give you the aux cord and let you pick the music your group wants to listen to. Full facility rentals may be available outside of our normal hours, such as Monday-Tuesday or earlier in the day before we would normally open. Availability for those times is based on staff availability so please contact us to schedule. 



30 min., 1 hour, or 2 hour reservation?

Not sure how long of a reservation to book? We recommend 1 hour as our standard reservation time. That allows plenty of time for learning to throw, playing some games with others in your group, and having a beverage or two. But if you're short on time or just want to give it a quick try, we offer half-hour bookings as well. If the schedule isn't too busy, you may have the option to extend your reservation if you decide you want to keep going. 


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